Hello, Dark Horse Movies Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780! I will try to edit this wiki and blog whenever I get the chance. I believe that Dark Horse makes many quality comics and graphic novels, and am surprised that there aren't more film adaptations. Dark Horse is as big a comic company as DC and Marvel, right? They may not have a shared universe, but they are still some of the most viable comic and film properties ever created. I'm getting worried that Ron Perlman may be getting too old to play Hellboy anymore, considering how he's in his mid-60s now, so maybe a B.P.R.D. spinoff film instead, or possibly an Abe Sapian solo film with David Hyde Pierce reprising the role. An Emily the Strange film may work, though Chloe Grace Moretz, the original actress intended for the role, may be too old by now. And lastly, I hope the Ghost in the Shell movie turns out well, because that was one of the most critically acclaimed mangas and animes of all time. I hope to see good films based on works published by Dark Horse come out in the near future, and I hope to do well on this wiki.

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