Orestes Matacena

Orestes Matacena

Orestes Matacena portrayed Niko in The Mask.

Significant rolesEdit

  • Pepe in The Worms (1978)
  • Psycho Killer in Fatal Encounter (1981)
  • Guaguasi in Guaguasi (1983)
  • Victor Corsini in Diggstown (1992)
  • Hector Hernandez in Greyhounds (1994)
  • Niko in The Mask (1994)
  • Claudio in Azúcar amarga (1996)
  • Chava Herrera in Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (1998)
  • Spanish Dignitary in Wild Wild West (1999)
  • General Ivan Kragov in Last Stand (2000)
  • Tito in Sticks (2001)
  • General Luis Young in The Anna Cabrini Chronicles (2005)
  • Orestes Marino in In Plain View (2008)
  • Mac in Caged Dreams (2010)


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