Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs portrayed Jennifer Campbell in Dr. Giggles.

Significant rolesEdit

  • Debs Boon in Sweet Hearts Dance (1988)
  • Jenny in Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
  • Kim in Simple Men (1992)
  • Jennifer Campbell in Dr. Giggles (1992)
  • Diana in Chain of Desire (1992)
  • Kimberly Brock in Picket Fences (1992-1996)
  • Sophie DiMatteo in Sins of Silence (1996)
  • Piper Halliwell in Charmed (1998-2006)
  • Emily Jennings in Loomis (2001)
  • Janey in Mistresses (2009)
  • Ella Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars (2010)


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