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Doug E. Doug

Doug E. Doug

Doug E. Doug portrayed Trotter in Dr. Giggles.

Significant rolesEdit

  • Jimmy the Busboy in Mo' Better Blues (1990)
  • Willie Stevens in Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991)
  • Popsicle in Class Act (1992)
  • Trotter in Dr. Giggles (1992)
  • Sanka Coffie in Cool Runnings (1993)
  • Douglas St. Martin in Where I Live (1993)
  • Harvey Ashford in Operation Dumbo Drop (1995)
  • Griffin Vesey in Cosby (1996-2000)
  • Zeke in That Darn Cat (1997)
  • James in Citizen James (2000)
  • Harlan Griffith in Eight Legged Freaks (2002)
  • Bernie (voice) in Shark Tale (2004)
  • Toby Janes in Conviction (2006)
  • Leonard Garvey in Snowmen (2010)


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