Cliff De Young

Cliff De Young

Cliff De Young portrayed Tom Campbell in Dr. Giggles.

Significant rolesEdit

  • Garry in Pilgrimage (1972)
  • Burt Coombes Jr. in Harry and Tonto (1974)
  • Sam Hayden in Sunshine (1975)
  • Charles Lindbergh in The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case (1976)
  • John Burrows in Blue Collar (1978)
  • Les Morgan in Independance Day (1983)
  • Phil Barton in Reckless (1984)
  • Hilley in Protocol (1984)
  • Bill Freeman in Flight of the Navigator (1986)
  • Don Haden in Fear (1988)
  • Tom Campbell in Dr. Giggles (1992)
  • Croden in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
  • Dr. Jay Newman in The X-Files (1993)
  • Richard Spencer in Revenge of the Red Baron (1994)
  • Dr. Cray Z. Mollardo in RoboCop (1994)
  • Maj. Tom McQuade in Carnosaur 2 (1995)
  • Agent Navarro in The New Adventures of Superman (1995)
  • John Doe in The Last Man on Planet Earth (1999)
  • Mr. Del Nagro in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2002)
  • Connelly in Alias (2005)
  • Lloyd in 2012 Doomsday (2008)


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